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SPRING- Silk Base Brazilian Lace Closure Wig

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LACE CLOSURE WIG Lace closure wig is made from 2-4 packs/bundles of hairs and closure. The lace closure is sewn in at the top It closing off your crown giving you a full and complete look. . Because of this careful technique we ask that you allow a longer processing time for our lace products. Swiss lace closures are the ultimate piece to finish off your hair extension installation. Baby hairs along the perimeter to give the effect of a naturally growing hairline. Each hair individually implanted and hand-tied.  
WHAT IS LACE CLOSURE? Lace Closure is used for closing your weave, you can wear your lace closure on the left, right or middle. Our flawless design allows you to part, and style your lace unit just like your own hair! All of our closures have "baby hairs" around the entire perimeter. Each hair is individually implanted and hand tied. Swiss lace allows your scalp to breath and can be more comfortable. These pieces work well for women who suffer from hair loss on top and also used for women who want to grow out their natural hair without having to worry about using heat to cover their tracks. Unit: Lace Closure Lace: Colour natural #1b Lace size: 4"x4" Lace material: Swiss lace, strong and invisible Weight: 100% Human hair Parting: Middle <strong
WHAT IS HANDMADE WIG? Blessedluv are proud to launch their new and exclusive custom handmade NO GLUE Wigs. These wigs are one of a kind, custom made by hand with same Finnish as if you had visited the salon. Handmade wigs are made with packs/bundles of hairs and closures/frontals. The wig is made on wig head and sewn onto a wig cap. These wigs are favorable over lace wigs for you don't have to worry about using glue or gel to lay down your edges. The wig caps used, makes it very easy to wear giving you a stress free experience.  
WHY BUY HANDMADE WIGS? Can last up to 2 years depending on how the hair is cared for, looks like or even better than a sewn in weave. Closure wigs allows you to experience the convenience of not visiting hair salons every month to depend on the hair dresser. Best part is you can remove at night allowing your hair to breathe while you sleep. ladies if you like your hair full with luxurious volume this is the wig for you 3-4 packs will give you 250% density fullness.  

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