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Elastic Small Band White-Gold 0.5M

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Elastic Band For All Wig Support

No more breakages to your baby hairs, no more purchasing glue & no visiting a salon to fit your lace wigs. You can still archive a realistic hairline using our elastic band method. The best part is you wear your lace wigs like normal wigs, giving you the freedom to take them off at night allowing your scalp to breath. The Elastic Band creates a firm and tight hold allowing your lace wig to sit really flat. Our Elastic Band are extra thick to give you the extra support and hold you need making the wearing experience very comfortable. How it works: 1. Measure the Perimeter of your head (like on video). 2. Cut the elastic band to match your head measurements. 3. Sew the edges of the band to your wig cap. 4. Wear & enjoy your stress free glues less wig.

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