AUTUMN- 360 Frontal Cap Wig Ombre Highlights 1b/33- 250% Density

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FREE: Customisation, Elastic Band sewn In

Hair Name: 360  Frontal Wig Cap

Hair Style: Straight

Hair Density: 250%

Hair Quantity: 200g Weft, 130% Lace Frontal

Hair Colour: Ombre Highlights 1b/33

Hair Type: 100% Human, Peruvian Hair

Parting Length: 4 Inch

Parting Style:  Free, Centre, 3 Way Parting

Length:  Weft 22×1, 24×2 Inch & 360 Frontal 16 Inch

Lace Material: Swiss Lace

Availability:  In Stock

Virgin Peruvian Hair is unprocessed hair sourced from single donors in Peru, Latino in South America. Our Virgin Peruvian Hair Has Never been Chemically processed!!!

Peruvian hair has been out for many years, but has just been recognised in the UK since 2010. It is similar to European Hair in texture. This hair comes straight (please note virgin Peruvian hair does NOT come in curls) and is thinner than Brazilian hair. Peruvian hair is also silky. Unlike Brazilian hair, you can have 5 packs (400grams) of Peruvian hair and the hair will still feel volumes less. Peruvian hair is great for silk straight styles and also short bob styles. You can tong, use bendy rollers to get curls if desired. 

 A lace wig or a lace front wig is a special type of wig in which human hair is tied by hand to a sheer lace base which goes over the scalp and is attached in the front beyond the hairline of the wig. It does not envelop as much of the wearer's head as full lace wigs do, covering only the front of the head and running from ear to ear. Human hair wigs look more natural and are easier to style as well as being easier to maintain. Lace front wigs come with a short parting space, but now new lace front wigs cap design has 5-inch parting. This is 2 extra inches parting from the 3” basic lace front wig caps have.

Blessedluv is new and exclusive custom handmade NO GLUE Wigs. These wigs are one of a kind, custom made by hand with same Finnish as if you had visited the salon. Handmade wigs are made with packs/bundles of hairs and closures/frontals. The wig is made on a wig head and sewn onto a wig cap. These wigs are favourable over lace wigs for you don’t have to worry about using glue or gel to lay down your edges. The wig caps used, makes it very easy to wear giving you a stress-free experience.

There are many benefits of lace front wigs, including their great fit and their perfect ability to contour the lace on your head. The mesh lace used in the wigs provides for natural looking partings in the hair. These wigs also offer natural looking hair at all times, and they can be textured according to preference. Buyers can opt for a straight, wavy, or curly look. They can also choose between various lengths that range from short bob to full length.

360 Lace frontal is Frontal that goes all around your head.
360 Frontal is made in 22x4x2,
• 22 inch is the head size around.
• 4 inch is the frontal width at the front.
• 2 inch is the frontal width at the back.
Unlike 360 Frontals, 360 lace wigs are made with 2 packs of weft sewn in the middle. This reduces the stress of you making the wig yourselves or looking for a hairdresser.

We get asked this question frequently from new clients who have never heard of 360 frontals. The other common question is what is 360 lace wig?

360 frontal wig is not full lace wig and it’s not a lace front wig. It is in-between. The 4-inch at the front of 360 frontals and sewn in wefts in the middle makes it similar to lace front wigs. At the back and sides, you have 2-inch lace allowing you to put your hair up in a bun or ponytail giving you the resemblance of full lace wig. These wigs are in high demand for you get the best of both worlds.

360 frontal wigs are very full, the total weight in density is 250%. The key feature of 360 lace wigs is the ability to achieve Up-dos and high ponytails without purchase a full lace wig. With the 4-inch parting space at the front, you can have versatility in styling options, from Freestyle parting to 3 way partings making it easy to part in any desired direction.

Can last up to 2 years depending on how the hair is cared for, looks like or even better than a sewn-in weave. Closure wigs allow you to experience the convenience of not visiting hair salons every month to depend on the hairdresser. The best part is you can remove at night allowing your hair to breathe while you sleep. ladies if you like your hair full with luxurious volume this is the wig for you 3-4 packs will give you 250% density fullness.

The colour of our virgin Hairs is the natural hair colour from donors. Therefore each bundle can vary slightly in colour shade. Normally the colour is 1B – off black, which is a black colour with a brown shade.

13x5 & 13x6 Lace Front Wig Cap 

13x3 Lace Front Wig Cap

360 Lace Frontal Wig Cap 

This is 100% real human hair directly from donors head and made into lace closure wig. A small amount of shedding is normal, if more shedding occurs it’s due to miss the treatment or incorrect product used. We do not take any responsibility for hair shedding, miss use and incorrect maintenance. If you do not know how to handle human virgin hair do not purchase for its NONE REFUNDABLE due to health and hygiene. You can watch how to maintain our virgin hair on our YouTube Channel.

Pre-Order or Backorder means your item is not in our UK in stock and will need to be ordered in or custom made in our factory. Once we have received your item then we can post/ship your order out to you. You will be emailed a tracking number for you to track the status of your order.

Delivery Information

Pre-Order or Backorder means your item is not in our UK in stock and will need to be ordered in or custom made in our factory. Once we have received your item then we can post/ship your order out to you. You will be emailed a tracking number for you to track the status of your order. 


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Lace Frontal Wig Cap

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