Raw Indian Virgin Hair Deep Curls


Raw Indian  Virgin Hair Deep Curls

Our Raw Indian Hair last over 3 years with the right care. This is 100% real human hair directly from donors head and made into weft by hand. A small amount of shedding is normal, if more shedding occurs it’s due to miss the treatment or incorrect product used. We do not take any responsibility for hair shedding, miss use and incorrect maintenance. If you do not know how to handle human virgin hair do not purchase for its NONE REFUNDABLE due to health and hygiene. You can watch how to maintain our virgin hair on our YouTube Channel.

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Price is for 100 grams 1 pack/bundle.

Availability: Our supplying factory/temple do not stock Raw Indian Hair wefts. They make weft from fresh cut hair once we have placed our orders. We have limited stock due to high demand. If our Raw Indian hair is out of stock back order takes up to 5- 10 days. If you need your order in hurry feel free to WhatsApp or Text us on 07508261363.

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What Is Raw Indian Hair?

Raw Indian hair comes from Temples and Factories in India. This type of hair has not been processed with chemicals in any way since being shaved from the donor’s head. This along with our Raw Brazilian is the best hair on the market to date. Hair shaved/collected from single head ensures the heads and tails are aligned in one direction thus giving a remy and cuticle intact hair. This hair is everlasting, lasting for many years. Once the hair is shaved off, the team collects and ties off hair from single head as a bundle.

What’s The Difference Between Raw Hair and Virgin Hair?

Virgin hair is processed to make patterns like deep curls, loose curls body wave etc. These patterns are normally made by steam, which is not damaging to virgin hairs. The problem is when you wash the deep curls after use, you will see a drastic drop in the curls in many cases they loose all the deep curls and end up with loose curls. Raw Indian hair is not processed their pattern and our curly/wavy/straight patterns are absolutely natural. No Chemicals not even steam all 100% pure Indian hair. In manufacturing unit, the hair is wefted and one end of the hair is trimmed and stitched using superior quality threads.

Is Raw Indian Hair Nits Free?

A two step process is followed to remove nits from hair. A team picks the nits using specially designed combs and physically using fingernails.
Then the hair is washed with Shikakai, which has been traditionally used for hair care in India since ancient times.
Shikakai comes from ayurvedic medicinal plants and has no chemicals. This makes sure our hair is nit free and not processed chemically.

What Process Does Raw Indian Go through Before Its Ready To Sell?

Brazilian Weave By Blessedluv is responsible for bringing the hair from Indian factory/temples to our treasured customers worldwide.
Once shipment is received we rewash and deep condition all packs/bundles before supplying to our customers. Giving each Raw Hair natural shine complimenting your beauty. Raw Indian virgin hair ensures long life and is in great demand.


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