Braided Wig

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Braided Wig


If you do not know how to care for synthetic hair do not purchase for its NONE REFUNDABLE due to health and hygiene. You can watch how to maintain our virgin hair click here to visit: YouTube Channel.

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Braided Wig

Material is made of 100% Kanekalon fibre, feels and looks like real braided hair. This wig is 200% density sewn Onto Adjustable elastic Net Cap/ Wig cap That Will Fit Most Sizes.
Adjust/Tighten/Pull the rope at the back to secure the wig in place No hooks, Pins Or Tape Neede Easy to manage.

This wig is a stunner! No other synthetic lace front like this one, anywhere! Realistic hairline. Beautiful Long  Hand-made braided single twisted wig, taking our factory workers over 12 hours to complete saving you time and money.


A lace wig or a lace front wig is a special type of wig in which human hair is tied by hand to a sheer lace base which goes over the scalp and is attached in the front beyond the hairline of the wig. It does not envelop as much of the wearer’s head as full lace wigs do, covering only the front of the head and running from ear to ear. Human hair wigs look more natural and are easier to style as well as being easier to maintain. Lace front wigs come with a short parting space, but now new lace front wigs cap design have 5 inch parting. This is 2 extra inches parting from the 3” basic lace front wig caps have.Why Buy Lace Front Wigs?
There are many benefits of lace front wigs, including their great fit and their perfect ability to contour the lace on your head. The mesh lace used in the wigs provides for natural looking partings in the hair. These wigs also offer natural looking hair at all times, and they can be textured according to preference. Buyers can opt for a straight, wavy, or curly look. They can also choose between various lengths that range from short bob to full length.

What Is Synthetic Hair?

Our Diva wigs are made from blended hairs. synthetic hair is material that appears to be human hair but is made from non-human materials. These beauty items are often referred to as fake hair, a weave, and extensions. They are generally used by women to make their hair appear longer, thicker, or a different color.
There are various qualities of synthetic hair, Many, however, are pre-styled, meaning that a person does not have to worry with using styling implements; she can simply buy Synthetic hair that is already curled or waved as she likes it.

What Can I use Heat On Synthetic Hair?

Our Wigs are Top Premium Quality and Heat Resistant upto 110C.

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