250% Density Lace Front Wig Brazilian Loose Curl


250% Density Lace Front Wig Brazilian Loose Curl

This is 100% real human hair directly from donors head and made into Lace Wigs. Small amount of shedding is normal, if more shedding occurs it’s due to miss treatment or incorrect product used. We do not take any responsibility for hair shedding, miss use and incorrect maintenance. If you do not know how to handle human virgin hair do not purchase for its NONE REFUNDABLE due to health and hygiene. You can watch how to maintain our virgin hair click here to visit: YouTube Channel.

This is the fullest Wig we sell, this wig is perfect if you like full and big hair.

Note: 250% Density is made by Blessedluv Stylist hand sewing extra tracks to your wig to archive the thick full look.

Availability: Wig will takes 5-10 working days to be made before post/shipping.



*Sewing elastic band mean your wig will be secure to wear with no glue/tape.

*By us cutting your front lace, your wig will be ready to wear when you receive, saving you a visit to the hairdressers.

*Customised hairline means the hairs have been plucked at the front giving you more natural hairline.

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Available only in colour #1B,

 Note: 250% Density is made by Blessedluv Stylist hand sewing extra tracks to your wig to archive the thick full look.

Availability: Wig will take 5-10 working days to be made before post/shipping.

A lace wig or a lace front wig is a special type of wig in which human hair is tied by hand to a sheer lace base which goes over the scalp and is attached in the front beyond the hairline of the wig. It does not envelop as much of the wearer’s head as full lace wigs do, covering only the front of the head and running from ear to ear. Human hair wigs look more natural and are easier to style as well as being easier to maintain. Lace front wigs come with a short parting space, but now new lace front wigs cap design have 5 inch parting. This is 2 extra inches parting from the 3” basic lace front wig caps have.

Why Buy Lace Front Wigs?

There are many benefits of lace front wigs, including their great fit and their perfect ability to contour the lace on your head. The mesh lace used in the wigs provides for natural looking partings in the hair. These wigs also offer natural looking hair at all times, and they can be textured according to preference. Buyers can opt for a straight, wavy, or curly look. They can also choose between various lengths that range from short bob to full length.

What is Indian Remy Hair?

Remy human hair consists of hair extensions made from virgin human hair of the highest quality grade that has been treated. Also, all hair strands must follow the same direction to ensure a high quality set free of tangling. Remy human hair is lower quality hair than Brazilian and European hair. Just like any human hair if you maintain your Remy Indian hair extension properly, you will have sleek, smooth, tangle free beautiful natural looking hair for a very long time and will be able to reuse the hair.

What Is Brazilian Hair?

Our Brazilian hair has the most various natural textures and the hair is very easy to transform into any style. It is always a great option whether you prefer a straight, wavy or curly style. The hair is typically soft, and very durable.The hair is carefully cleaned, brushed and sometime steamed to achieve a certain texture after the collection processes.Since the hair has not gone through any chemical treatment, nor been coloured, the Virgin Brazilian hair is 100% unprocessed and thereby has long durability. The term “virgin” indicated that the hair is untouched and is in its completely natural state, just like your own hair. Brazilian hair is favourable for those who want curls or wavy hair.

What’s the difference between Indian Remy and Brazilian Virgin hair?

Brazilian hair tends to be thicker and stronger than Indian Remy hair and can last longer. Indian Remy hair is cheaper than Brazilian Virgin hair, which is good for if you are on a budget and you are after a wig that would last a few months. Indian Remy hair cannot change colour to lighter golden colour like the Brazilian Virgin hair can if done correctly. We recommend if you want to keep your wig at it’s natural colour you should purchase Indian Remy but if you have a desire to change the colour in the future you go for the Brazilian Virgin Hair. Both hair types will give you a flawless look.

What Colour Does Brazilian Virgin & Indian Remy Come In?

The colour of the Brazilian Virgin Hair & Indian Remy Hair is the natural hair colour from the donor. Therefore each bundle can vary slightly in colour shade. Normally the colour is 1B – off black, which is a black colour with a brown shade.


Pictured: 250% Density

Pictured: colour:  #1b

Pictured Length:  24 Inch

Additional information


Length, 12 inches, 14 inches, 16 inches, 18 inches, 20 inches, 22 inches, 24 inches, 26 inches

Cap Size

Small, Medium, Large- Custom order 6 weeks


Free Parting No Parting, Center Parting, 3 Way Parting

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